Benchmark CF

Benchmark CF has operated in the Printing, Packaging and Label Industries since 1971, specialising in the manufacture and modification of cutting formes. While our formes are manufactured using modern machinery and technology, our staff have extensive experience in using a combination of traditional tooling and automated technology. We offer an in-house consultative service to assist you with design solutions and technical support. We can produce samples or customised designs to suit your requirements. Ask us for a design quotation.

Benchmark CF

Cutting Formes

We make cutting and creasing formes for all types of machines and produce formes to your specifications.                  

Samples & Prototypes

We can provide valuable prototyping when needing to show your client a sample. We can cut most cardboard, flute and plastics up to a sheet size of 1150x1500mm.                                  


We take pride in the work we do! Not only do we offer excellent technical support, which is backed by a quality product, we also provide quick turnaround times. Please note files are to be supplied as PC compatible. .eps